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Chemical Stirrer

Many times two or more chemicals are mixed to form a compound in chemical industries. A stirrer is fixed on mixer shaft to make the compound homogeneous. Company designed and developed stainless steel (SS 304) stirrer to increase its productive life. The profiles designed in the stirrer mix the chemicals thoroughly.

FOSECO a multi national company is a name itself in Foundry chemicals, Veekhoy Metalika Pvt. Ltd. developed chemical stirrer for FOSECO INDIA, which were imported before. The esteemed company showed their due confidence for last 8 years.

Jumbo Jar Riveting Machine:

Jumbo & Jar are parts in a mixer grinder used in kitchen. Both the parts are to be riveted to each other for a leak proof joint. Conventionally riveting operation is done on a fly press. A team of assembler, helper and a stroke operator is involved on a single station. It is studied that the team can operate maximum 250 strokes in a shift of 8 working hours.

The company designed and developed a two station riveting machine exclusively for riveting a Jumbo and Jar. A small hydraulic press is designed in lieu of conventional fly press. A two station slide is provided to enable parts assembly on one of the station while the riveting operation is simultaneously done on the other station. The slide slides to and fro with a hydraulic actuator without efforts. It is experienced that even a lady operator can comfortably produce about 1200 assemblies in single shift. KENSTAR a subsidiary company of Videocon International is operating the unit for more than 12 years.

Shock Absorber Testing Machine:

BMP is a name of battle tank developed by Indian Defence. A battle tank is designed to travel on roughest surfaces. To absorb shocks on these rough surfaces, shock absorbers are provided. The shock absorbers are needed to be overhauled periodically. After its due overhaul the shock absorber is to be tested to its standard condition. 512 Army Base Work Shop is a defence station where the battle tanks are overhauled.

Veekhoy Metalika Pvt. Ltd. designed and developed a shock absorber testing machine exclusively for BMP Tanks. The company specially designed a hydraulic system to attain the shock speed (27 Mts./ Min.) The required stroke was completing in just 0.2 seconds. To check the pressure variant in the specified stroke, the company provided computerized data acquisition system. The system was designed to produce 20 readings each in its forward as well as reverse stroke.