Reliable Production For Their Uninterrupted Service


Hydraulic Power Pack is an equipment to supply power to the application. Normally a fabricated tank in M.S. Sheet is provided as hydro sump (reservoir). An oil level indicator is provided for visual check of oil level in the sump. A Drain Plug is also provided for draining oil in the tank, in case of cleaning,. The tank, after fabrication, is sand blasted for making it scale free and rust free. The reservoir is always coated with a thick layer of powder coat. The powder coat avoids the paint peel, when the oil gets heated in application. The loose paint peel in the tank, flow to the oil suction area and clog the suction filter. It affects the suction efficiency and hampers the application performance.

The performance of the power pack mainly depends on the hydraulic components and accessories used. In view of this Veekhoy prefers reputed brands as Yuken, Rexroth, Vickers, Polyhydron, Dowty, Hydac and Hydoline for hydraulic components. The company always prefers a power drive with Siemens, Bharat Bijlee, Crompton make electric motor.

The performance of a power pack is mainly depending on the size of the actuators, its application speed, and actual cycle time of application including its idle time. It also depends on the sequence of operations, in case more number of actuators is involved. Proper inputs help the system for its effective and efficient performance.