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Mounting Types:
1. Front Flange
      2. Rear Flange

Actuation Media:
    Water + Glycol

1. Low Pressure Die Casting          
      2. All the areas where the
    application is near direct heat.

In Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) application normally the dies are pre-heated with flame. Oil being an inflammable media, chances of fire catching is more. Hence a fluid which is less fire hazardous is used as actuation media. A compound of Water + Glycol is normally used in lieu of mineral oil. Hence the cylinders are termed as Water Based Cylinders. The features of these cylinders are same as Tie Rod Construction. The cylinders are designed to withstand normally up to 160 Kg/Sq. Cm. (2250 Lbs/Sq. Inch). A special types of hydraulic seals are used in these type of cylinders.