Reliable Production For Their Uninterrupted Service


Mounting Types:
1. Front Flange
      2. Rear Flange
      3. Clevis
      4. Foot
      5. Trunion

Actuation Media:
Mineral oil

Construction Advantage:
1. Very Easy to dismantle and
     assemble during maintenance.
      2. Avoids duplication in
     manufacturing process.
      3. Cost of production is

1. Machine Tool
     (Jigs, Fixtures, Clamping)
      2. Automation
      3. Robotics.
      4. Material Handling
      5. Injection Moulding
      6. Pressure Die Casting
      7. Mobile Hydraulics.
      8. Scissor Lifts.

All the loose parts in a hydraulic cylinder are tied together with high tensile threaded rods. Hence the type of the cylinder is called as Tie Rod Construction. The cylinders are designed to withstand normally up to 300 Kg/Sq. Cm. (4250 Lbs/Sq. Inch). Hydraulic seals in a cylinder play a vital roll in its application. The company selects the seals to suit the working conditions of the cylinder.


Tie Rod Veekhoy Cylinders
Front Flange Mounting (RF1)
Rear Flange Mounting (RF2)
Clevis Mounting (CL1 - CL2)
Clevis Brackets
Clevis Adaptor

Foot Mounting
Fixed Trunion Mounting (TU)
Adjustable Trunion Mounting (TU-A)
Dimensional Details Sheet

Tie Rod Nambu Cylinders
Front Flange
Rear Flange
Clevis Mounting
Foot Mounting
Fixed Trunion
Adjustable Trunion
Dimentional Details Sheet

Tie Rod SMC Cylinders
Tie Rod SMC Cylinders