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Spl Cylinder - Double Ended

Spl Cylinder - Long Stroke Cylinder


Many times the customer needs a cylinder for a special application. The standard cylinder becomes special because:

1.  The relation of application point to
     mounting point is different.
2.  The construction material of the cylinder
     should be non corrosive. (SS 304)
3.  Mounting style of the cylinder to suit a
     special profile.
4.  Space constraint.
5.  Mounting with extended tie rods.
6.  Double ended application.
7.  Simultaneous application on both ends.
8.  Different combination of cylinder bore
     and rod for specific pushing and pulling.
9.  Gates shearing in foundries
10. Pipe Crimping for Hydraulic Hoses
11. Robotic applications.

Spl Cylinder - Special Mounting

Spl Cylinder - Gate Shearing

Spl Cylinder - Long Neck